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Welcome to The Vernon Group, Inc.
The Vernon Group, Inc., offers a variety of comprehensive human resource consulting services, career transition and job coaching, and, staffing services.  Our professional experience, passion and enthusiasm for delivering quality services has been and will always be what gives our customers extraordinary confidence in our business partnerships. 

With over 25 years of experience assisting career-minded individuals and organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500, medium and small businesses, and non-profits, TVG is known as a one-stop workforce solutions provider to those we serve.


Our Mission
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Through our networking partnerships with public and private organizations, along with our certified, professional staff, we provide a wealth of resources to employers and jobseekers alike.  We believe in developing long-term relationships with our most important assets in life and business:  people.
Our Values

  • Honesty and Excellence,
  • Compassion and Empowerment,
  • Business Partnerships, and
  • Most of all, we Value People.

Our Vision

TVG is a company of individuals, businesses, and community partners serving each other and sharing resources to cultivate potential and foster success in our lives and yours!

Our People

Practical, ethical, open-minded, powerful leaders, of excellence.

            “Now , that's how we define our customers, candidates, staff and community partners. 

It’s just that simple.” says - Susie E. Vernon, Founder/CEO
The Vernon Group, Inc.